The Intervention

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The Neighbor`s Mansion

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In Top Escape Rooms Project 2019, our escape room was selected at 42nd place in the world!


What is an Escape Room?

This is a realistic adventure game, where you find yourself in a locked room. In order to break out the room at the given time, you will need to use the various objects in the room and find your way out.
The task will require you to pay attention to the smallest details, full cooperation and creative thinking.

Who is it for?

New pastime with
Friends and family

Creative dating activity

Bonding activities
And leisure for groups



For any question / request / suggestion you can contact the email address or leave the following details:


Eliezer Mazal 3 Rishon Lezion

There is private parking on site - please call to open the gates. Additional blue-and-white parking (for a fee) and the Golden Mall parking lot, a 5-10 minute walk.

The entrance is on the right side of the "Carmel Direct" store,

2nd floor, office 2.

Hours of operation and telephone answering -

Sunday-Thursday 00:30 - 12:00

Friday-Saturday 01:30 - 10:00